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Do  the Right Thing I was invited to attended the 20th Anniversary screening of “Do the Right Thing” at the Directors Guild directed by Spike Lee.” I was able to see the film “Do the Right Thing” for the first time ever. I am puzzled as to why this did not win any Academy Awards.

Soundtrack-For-A-RevolutionI attended the after party of the screening of “Soundtrack for a Revolution” with the executive producer Marc Henry Johnson and friend. This film tells the story of the American Civil Rights Movement through it’s amazingly powerful music. The music that protesters sang on picket lines, in mass meetings, and in jail cells all while fighting for  justice and equality. The film included archival footage, interviews with civil rights leaders and fighters. The history of where the freedom songs started in the black churches, the labor movements, and slave chants. Music enabled blacks a freedom of speech they otherwise would not have. It played a crucial part in helping the protesters fight violence with non violence.