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W.E.It was an amazing experience to work with Madonna as a director. I did principal work on her feature film “W.E” as a Pug Owner in the Sotherby’s scene that later got cut from the final footage. She was very hands on from everything to our hair, makeup, and clothes not just directing the acting. You don’t usually see that with directors. I can’t wait to see what she decides to direct next.

Burn Out the Day

Burn-Out-The-DayWorking on feature film “Burn Out the Day” in New York City and Brooklyn August 2009.

Pelh123I  got to work on the film “The Taking of Pelham 1:23” in Brooklyn and NYC March 2008— October 2008. My lines in the film stayed in the final cut. The late Tony Scott directed this film. I was one of the train car passengers and we had to take a training coarse with the NYC  MTA to get certified to be able to walk on the tracks. It was a great experience.