MEATComing up I am scheduled to work on the film “MEAT” sometime in June or July . Looking forward to it.


Feature Screenplay Reading TwiceJust participated in a reading of the screenplay “Twice.” Here is what the writer had to say. “””Great table read of my feature script “Twice.” Thanks to all the actors and people who helped to organize the event! Wonderful job!…”””


headshot1Did principal work on a Toujeo Commercial filmed in Brooklyn NYC. The producers, director and crew were great to work with.


70000_71100_00403_7110000403CFHad an audition for Dry Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing today. It was lots of fun.


Indie Film Month MixerI attended the indie film month mixer at 195 1/2 Chrystie Street. It was hosted by Guy Pearce and was a Time Warner Cable exclusive. Great food… Great drink… Great people!!!!!


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