Category: Auditions

70000_71100_00403_7110000403CFHad an audition for Dry Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing today. It was lots of fun.


Larissa's-Friend-Carrie-DiariesI had an interview with the director Miguel Arteta for the feature film The Carrie Diaries and was chosen to play the character Larissa’s Friend for the pilot. This takes place in the 80s.

13th Street Repertory Theatre Company

13th Street Repertory Theater CompanyI booked a call back for the 13th Street Repertory Theatre Companies Fear Festival October 2010 in NYC but was unable to attend the call back due to film work.

“The Switch” Audition

AuditionsAuditioned for Will Speck for a part in the film “The Baster” starring Jennifer Aniston. The film was later renamed “The Switch.” I booked the part but when it came time to film the scene was cut from the shooting schedule and never got filmed.

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