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da72a7cf7ac0fe92208e43b696a1b3c9_mlal IT’S ME, MATTHEW!“Screened at Oscar Recognized Rhode Island International Film Festival. WINNER- SPECIAL JUROR AWARD, BEST DRAMATIC SHORT at West Hollywood International Film Festival 2008 Celebrity Judges included Directors Armand Mastroianni (The Celestine Prophecy), Paul Lynch (The Keeper starring Dennis Hopper). It’s Me, Matthew! is a psychological drama, based on a true story, which leaps out at the audience in a powerful way. “Matthew” deals with the notion that in life we may subconsciously follow patterns from our childhood.

It’s Me, Matthew!” Video reel as Maria It’s Me, Matthew!” Trailer
It’s Me, Matthew!” Sound Track Promo
Trust the ManTRUST THE MAN” NOMINATED FOR AN ALMA AWARD Tom Pollack(David Duchovny) visits the Doctor(John Carroll Lynch) because everytime his cell phone goes off his testicals vibrate. When the Nurse(Melissa Russo) calls Tom’s cell phone the Doctor discovers Tom’s medical problem is not imaginary but very real.

Trust the Man” Video Reel
Burn-Out-The-Day BURN OUT THE DAY” directed by Cinque Lee & Sean Bohary screened at Oscar Recognized Festival du Nouveau in Montreal Canada at the Nouveau Cinema. It also screened at the Rome Independent Film Festival.

Burn Out the Day” Video Reel
 Celebrity Rehab with Doctor DrewSome of my footage from “THE SILENT SCREAM
I play one of several Drug Addicts along with DeWanda Wise for this Public Service Announcement that aired on VH1 Celebrity Rehab with Doctor Drew for 4 years. This was cast by Liz Lewis.

Celebrity Rehab with Doctor Drew” PSA “The Silent Scream” as a Drug Addict Video Reel
 “TELLING TALES” directed by Nick Sakai This film was produced as a part of the 72 Hour Film Shootout contest. It screened at the Asian American International Film Festival presented by MTV World, Asian American Filmlab and Asian Cinevision. Each participating production team had exactly 72 hours to write, shoot, edit, and produce a 6 minute film surrounding one theme. The theme for 2005 was “AKA”(open for interpretation) This film was produced under the budget of $1000 dollars using the Screen Actors Guild Experimental Film Agreement. This film was shot entirely in two locations in Astoria, NY. One was at the producers home and the other was at Freezepeach Cafe (www.freezepeach.org) Telling Taleswhich the producers frequent. Tom Lee (Nick Sakai) goes out on an awkward blind date with Amanda Frost(Melissa Russo aka Melisanne Russo) Answers to questions by each other are interpreted as something else by the other. Will these gaps ever be filled? 

a scene “Telling Tales” as Amanda Frost Video Reel
7ad87965fThe Taking of Pelham 1:239e53d5cedf0d4cae353d67d THE TAKING OF PELHAM 1:23” Directed by the late Tony Scott. Early on in the film the hijackers have detached the hostage car from the rest of the train cars. As a result the rest of the train cars start to move backwards. This alarms passengers in train car #3 that something strange is going on.

The Taking of Pelham 1:23” Video Reel as Train Car Passenger Video Reel

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