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15th Annual Midtown International Theater FestivalSome directors are just a pleasure to work with, and working again with Michael Ferriera, was exactly that! In the Jean Bergantini Grillo play “That Afternoon at Frank Cambell’s,” I will be performing the role of “Tania,” in front of a live audience at the Roy Arias Theater NYC on two days November 23rd(9pm) and November 24th (2pm). Please come out, support the arts, and see this cat fight in a funeral home setting amongst two women who share a lot of history together. This play won an Audience Choice Award as one of the top three plays of the festival. Tickets are available and can be purchased here. TICKETS The Roy Arias Theater is located at 300 West 43rd Street New York, NY 10036.

WebIt’s Me, Matthew!” Won West Hollywood International Film Festival’s 2008 Special Juror Award, Best Short Drama and is screening at the Regency Theater in L.A. Celebrity judges who voted for the film included Armand Mastroianni (“The Celestine Prophecy”) and Paul Lynch (“The Keeper” starring Dennis Hopper).

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