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MEATI worked on the film “MEAT” It was a lot of fun. I got to work with actors that I have worked on in previous projects in the past. This was my first extraterrestrial film.

the-extras-clubI just wrapped up working on the short film “The Extras Club.” Primary filming was done at Broadway Stages Stage 10 located in Brooklyn New York. The location was a perfect spot for the story line. A spoof on “The Breakfast Club” except instead of high school detention we play actors serving time in a holding area next to set. They also film the television show “The Good Wife” there.


It is always an honor to work with a professional crew. I worked October 19th on The short film “Drifters.” This was shot in Brooklyn and written and directed by the talented Anu Valia who treated every member of the cast with respect and professionalism. The film screened at the New Orleans Film Festival  October 2014.


Lillian the Film 4First production meeting and script read through for the film “Lillian” starring Kathleen Chalfant. Excited to be working on this project!!!! August 4 2011

13th Street Repertory Theatre Company

13th Street Repertory Theater CompanyI booked a call back for the 13th Street Repertory Theatre Companies Fear Festival October 2010 in NYC but was unable to attend the call back due to film work.

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